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Served untill 12.00 hrs

Toast , ham and cheese, butter and jam, coffee or tea and fresh orange juice 6.95
Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, toast and butter 6.95
Eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, sausage and toast 7.25
Pan Catalan 2.50
Tostada aceite 1.75

Soup of the day (only wintertime) 5.50
Deep fried Camembert with Cranberry sauce 7.25
Warm goats’ cheese with caramelised onions on Ciabatta 8.95
100 % Beefburger and fries 7.50
Prawn cocktail 10.95 Avocado with prawns, sauce Marie Rose 11.25 Smoked salmon and cream cheese parcels 9.25
Carpaccio of beef, rocket salad, pesto, tomato, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese 12.50
Sauteed mushrooms with bacon on toast 7.50

Chicken, Ceasar salade 10.25
Buffalo mozarella, rocket lettuce, tomato, pesto and pine nuts 9.95 Brie and bacon with cranberry sauce 8.95 Warm goats’ cheese salad with honey 11.25 Warm, spicy cajun chicken and cashew nuts 10.95
Smoked salmon and prawn salad 12.50
Chicken , bacon and blue cheese salad 10.95
Tuna, olives and tomato salad 9.50

Lasagna Bolognese with side salad and garlic bread 10.95 Thai fish cake with sweet chili sauce, salad and wedges 11.95
Saté of marinated fillet of pork, peanut sauce, rice or French fries or bread 15.95
Gammon ham, mixed salad, Colemans and French fries 12.95
Scampi with salad, French fries and tartare sauce 10.50 Grilled salmon, mixed salad and wedges 15.95
Entrecote 250 grs with salad, wedges and pepper sauce 17.95
Steak 300 grs with salad, French fries and pepper sauce 16.95
Battered cod with salad and French fries 10.50
Chicken bacon cheese melt with salad and French fries 11.50
Chili con carne with rice or French fries and garlic bread 10.95
Children’s menus from 5,50

VARIOUS BREADS (with garnish and French fries or wedges)
Club sandwich with chicken and bacon 10.50
Ciabatta with mature Cheddar and red onions caramelised in port wine 7.95
Ciabatta with tuna mayonnaise 7.95
Ciabatta with gammon ham and Colemans 7.95
Ciabatta with warm spicy chicken 7.95
Two ‘croquettes’ with bread 8.95

TOASTIES (with garnish and French fries or wedges)
Cheese and Ham 7.25
Cheese and pineapple 7.25
Cheese and onion 7.25
Cheese and bacon 7.25

TAPAS (all day)
Bread and allioli 3.50
Cheese tortilla nachos with chili con carne 10.95
Cheese-Tortilla nachos with avocado- and salsa dip 9.95
Spicy chicken skewers with BBQ sauce, salad and bread 6.95
Beef meatballs with bread 7.50
Spanish omelette of the day with salad and bread 6.25
Chicken wings 7.50
Calamaris 6.95
Plate of Serrano ham 9.95
Bitterballen 4,95